As a single lady, what type of man would you date? Would you date a married man? Or is it a single man? Or would you date both, depending on the circumstance? We went to town find out the preferences of single women. Below are their responses. Madonna Ayara I know that some single ladies do not see anything special in dating married men. I also know that some others would prefer married men. For these people, what determines, who they date is money or fun. For me, I do not see any fun in dating a man who is old enough to be my father. Dating a married man, therefore, is not in my dictionary. What you would not want people to do to you, don’t do it to others. Ejiro Anita Odim I think the reason ladies date married men is that they are more experienced in taking care of women than the single men. Some also do it because of the financial benefit they would derive from it. When a woman wants to look good and appear flashy, she can go to any length in getting the money. Since single men are stingy, these women opt for married men. To me, it is not right because I will not feel good when I get married tomorrow and another person would share my husband with me. The repercussions of dating a married man is not good and as a Christian, it is not good also. MaryJane Egbikwe For a short run, there is gain in dating a married man, but in the long run, there is no gain. A married man can give you money. But don’t be deceived. They know when a woman needs comfort, companion and money. Single men, on the other hand, devote time to take care or maintain a woman. They may still flirt around. However, affairs with married men could only cut one’s life short. You would enjoy and have fun with them, but after a while, they would dump you. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to get married and that is why we have so many unmarried ladies around. Gloria Ahamba Dating married men does not take any women anywhere. The end is usually destructive. When you are doing something, you should look at the future. Men are promiscuous by nature. They mess around with many women. In the process, some of them get infected with diseases, which they, in turn, transfer to as many girls they date. If you also look at it from the Christian perspective, you also see that the Bible admonished the men to love and be faithful to their wives, while women should be submissive to their husbands. Young girls should not, owing to what they get from these men, sleep with other women’s husbands. Whatever you sow, that you would reap. Other women would equally sleep with your husband. Some women would give you a legion of reasons they date married men, but I tell you that it is not only when you date another person’s husband that you would be able to solve your problems. Cynthia Ani Decision to date a married man could be influenced by one’s background. It depends on individual’s background and the people that influence them. Some do what others do, not knowing why they are even doing it. Some do it because they want to belong to the society. For me, a married man is ruled out because it is against the doctrine of my church. I cannot come between two people that God had joined. Remember that the scripture says that what God has joined together, no one should put asunder. Dating a married man is an attempt to put asunder, his union with his wife. I hate it and I advise young girls not to do so. Dada Akinola Dating a married man is very risky and I don’t think I would like to risk my life because of a married man. No woman will keep her hands crossed when she knows that her husband is having extra-marital affairs. So, I don’t wish to go to churches for prayers for protections, when I know the kind of sin I indulged myself. Sandra Osas Some ladies date married men because such men know how to take care of them. The ladies say they don’t want to have anything to do with ‘school boys,’ who can’t take care of their bills. My question is: Why should a lady, who is supposed to be praying to God for a husband, tie her destiny to a married man? Although there are temptations, single women shouldn’t do it. I can’t do such a callous thing because I will get married someday and I wouldn’t like my husband to cheat on me. I wouldn’t also take it kindly with any woman who is having an affair with my husband. Tessy Igben Women do it because of money. But, what would I be doing with a married man when there are young and handsome bachelors outside for me to love? It may be true that married men are caring to their girlfriends, concubines or mistresses, as they pamper them like babies, such relationship is a waste of time. Titilayo Abitoye It is only a desperate lady, who will date a married man, maybe because bachelors are no longer interested in having an affair with her. Some ladies too don’t mind going to the extent of having babies for married men, just to destroy their marriages and cause them unhappiness because no polygamous man is happy. There are always married men ready to pick women, especially when their wives are pregnant or nursing babies. They also do that whenever they have disagreement with their wives. The women who think such relationship gives them succour are wrong. Loveth Omogbemi Married men are very caring and experienced when it comes to love. They give money to their mistresses and neglect their wives. Ann Onuegbu Married men are caring. Just give them what they want, which is good sex, then, they will go extra mile to satisfy your needs. Blessing Sunday Selfishness is the major reason young girls are interested in married men. They are not contented with whatever their boyfriends give to them. Instead, they prefer to date married men who will even buy them luxury cars, open fat bank accounts for them, pay their phone bill, take shopping as well as give them fat pocket money. No responsible girl would prefer dating a married man to a bachelor. your social media marketing partner