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In recent times the nation’s entertainment industry, especially in the South-West, embraced a disturbing trend as artistes and promoters have turned funerals, birthdays and house warning ceremonies to business venture by engaging in the sale of Ankara, a local fabric and T-Shirts, using it as gate-pass to venues of those events instead of normal purchase of tickets. Some stakeholders have condemned the trend, arguing that it is because the industry is saturated with mediocre, while others describe it as desperate lust for money. But another school of thoughts say that the trend is meant to exploits the unsuspecting fans and fun-lovers, adding that the cost is even on the high side compared to how much the fabric are sold in the market. Investigation reveals that top acts such as Waheed Ariyo, Saheed Osupa and Gbenga Adewusi (Bayowa) lead the list of high ranking musicians involved in the textile business. Presently, Saheed Osupa and Alhaji Waheed Ariyo, a frontline Islamic singer, have respectively chosen customized Ankara for house warming and birthday celebrations coming up this month.
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