Contrary to the tale rovering around town, top Yoruba actor cum film maker, Rammy Shittabay has denied getting a Honda CRV Jeep from lover, adding that it is nothing but fiction. In a recent chat with him, the famous role interpreter expressed dismay about the tale, labeling those behind it as jobless rumour mongers. He further described the tale as baseless and unfounded. “I don’t know why you are interested in that kind of story. Apart from the fact that there is no iota of truth in it, it is also unthinkable that a lover bought a Jeep for me. “I have more than that, and I believe you’re also aware of that. I have a Posche Serena. I don’t use it often except I have a big occasion to attend. I don’t think I should be making noise about acquiring automobile when I am not a musician. “So. it is ridiculous for somebody to think that a woman brought a Jeep for me. Who is that woman?Anyway,what is important to me now is my new movie, entitled Idajo Iku which parades a lot of stars including myself,Jide Kosoko and it is going to be marketed by Bayowa. That is my priority for now. You can write on that but not all this baseless rumours”he fumed. your social media marketing partner