Remember that sometime ago,a certain weekly magazine did a cover story on all alleged Indian-Hemp(botanical name Cannabis Sativa) smoking pastime of the AKS-born-Nollywood actress. By now followers of society news and stories should be conversant with the above mentioned, so I will spare you the sordid details that were published then by that magazine. The current gist making the round is that during one of her recent trips to Europe, she needed to step down as they say in those hangouts, and so in the company of some of her friends resident in that white man’s country, she went looking for a rap; in the process, we were told that the law enforcement agents swooped on them, carried out an instant search, and only those with smoke-able quantities were let go. The source who swears that one of his siblings was there said the sexy actress was, however, placed on surveillance by the authorities throughout her brief stay in that country. And to fulfill all righteousness before hitting the nail to condemn her, I asked around, and someone who is very close to her and at times confides in me, swore that it is all lies. Hear her ; No,if na another thing oh,I no go argue; my baby-girl has never gone that far, but as for shack oh,no wahala. your social media marketing partner