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No doubt, Nollywood is full of haters and secret enemies, an ugly trend that is fast turning the entire industry into a battle field.We exclusively brings you the shocking list of who hates who in Nollywood as well as reasons for the unending animosity. The duo of Emeka Ike and Segun Arinze will forever top the list of warring gladiators in Nollywood. Their age-long beef was further fuelled by the battle for the control of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Ike has never accepted Arinze as the national president of the troubled guild. He even went to the court to contest the former’s victory, which he claimed was illegal and fraudulent. The war took another dimension when Ike declared himself the factional president of AGN. Several concerted efforts at reconciling both famous entertainers have always failed with their animosity still raging like a volcanic eruption. Nollywood star actresses, Oby Edozieh and Tricia Esieigbe are leading the pack of the female gladiators in Nollywood. The former best pals are now sworn enemies with visible anger and hatred for each other. They have equally taken their never-ending war severally to the pages of newspapers and magazines. After resting for a few years, they recently commenced their war of words a couple of weeks ago, with accusations and counter accusations. Unknown to many of their teeming fans, sexy and stylish screen divas, Monalisa Chinda and Rita Dominic are currently engaged in a fierce cold war. The war of the former best pals dates back to when Monalisa was still married. An insider hinted EE that they now avoid each other like a plague whenever their paths crossed in public places, especially locations and corporate events. Veteran Nollywood actors Ejike Asiegbu and Kanayo O. Kanayo are currently co-habiting in Nollywood like cat and mouse. In fact, authentic information at our disposal has it that they hardly see face-to-face at any Nollywood event. Their cold war became open when the former accused the latter of conniving with some unscrupulous elements to remove him from office as the then national president of AGN. A move that later failed. Several pleas from concerned friends and colleagues of the duo to sheathe their swords proved abortive. Surprisingly, the latter was the former’s best man during his wedding. London-based Nollywood actress Chioma Toplis and Oge Okoye have not stopped washing their dirty linens in public since their “special friendship” collapsed like packs of poorly arranged cards. Their war became messier when Toplis accused Oge of damaging appliances and messing up her London apartment whenever she comes visiting and warned her to stop invading her privacy with the choking visits. Nollywood bad boy, Jim Iyke and Emeka Ike are still threatening fire and brimstone over an age-long altercation that nearly turned fatal on set, if not for some divine intervention. About-to-wed actress Mercy Johnson has recently added comic star Victor Osuagwu to her long list of enemies. Mercy transferred the hate syndrome to Victor for advising her on the controversial union holding tomorrow. Now, they no longer see eyeball-to-eyeball. Famous Yoruba actress Iyabo Ojo is currently locked in a battle with emerging star, Lizzy Anjorin Iyabo has allegedly vowed to teach Lizzy the lesson of her life for daring to disrespect and call her by name in public. For peace to reign supreme, she wants ‘recalcitrant’ Lizzy to always address her as “Auntie mi.” Last on our warring long list is the duo Vivian Ejike and Emem Isong Both leading film producers were former best friends and business partners until the centre could no longer hold and things started falling apart. Jealousy and greed were mentioned as the root cause of their open animosity.
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