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Famous rapper,Olusegun Osaniyi,popularly known as Lord of Ajasa is arguably one of the best hip-hop artistes in Nigeria. Few months ago,it was reported that the British Embassy banned him from entering the Uk. In a recent interview,he opens up on the position of things now. He said That’s one area I don’t like talking about.My lawyer is doing all that’s necessary so that I can appeal and they allow me travel to their country. Very soon things will be sorted out,what is important to me is my forthcoming album. Recall that few months back, a London-based music promoter had invited him over for a series of shows. They agreed terms and the unnamed promoter sent some documents which the singer was to present at the embassy. Sadly, he did not know the papers were fake. “When they denied him visa, he did not bother to appeal. He just took it philosophically that the trip was not meant to be. However, when he went back to apply for another visa, the embassy officials now brought out his file that he presented fake documents the first time.
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