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"Starting the month,week n day with Jesus" sumbo tweeted In case you don't know, Adesunmbo Ajaba is 2face's second baby mama. she runs an event company, and she's also a banker. Sunmbo who had already divorced her first hubby before meeting 2face gave the singer his first son. Broke up with 2face in 2009. "We actually broke up on Saturday August 15th 2009, I was on vacation and was spending time with him and then something struck me, and that prompted me to ask him if he still loves me. I was surprised when he couldn't say yes or no. That was a sign that something was wrong. So, I went ahead to query him on it and it became his decision that we should break up. I was not expecting it. Initially, I thought it was because he was going through some pressures, but I later found out it was what he wanted. We talked about it like matured minds and that was it. You see nevertheless, I will still say that it could be because he's going through a lot at the moment, or the devil is trying to push him against me, because I pray for him a lot, or the devil is trying to mess him up. I didn't fight back so I gave him time, but he insisted that we should not be sleeping together any more." Sunmbo revealed this back in 2009 to city people So its been quite a journey for Sunmbo, after so many heartbreaks, She gave Jesus the wheel of her life. Yes! That's good for her! She can always give him her heart . Early this morning, Sumbo tweeted pictures of her having "Awesome time in God's presence" as she led the choir.
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