For more than two years there was a lull in star actor Funso Adeolu Adegeye’s career.So bad was it that Funso who before now used to grab lead roles in six out of every ten movies released was not getting roles in one of twenty. His fight with Saheed Balogun over his alleged affair with Fathia,Saheed’s now estranged wife also helped nail his coffin as some producers in solidarity with Saheed avoided Funso and this gave an edge to Yomi Fash Lanso,Funso’s closest rival in the industry. Yomi got all the roles that would have been shared between the two of them.But that seems to be a thing of the past now as Funso is back and better.Not only that,it seems this is Funso’s time as Yomi is gradually taking the back seat while Funso takes the driver’s seat. Funso is now one of the most sought after actors around and one of the reasons for this as given by a producer in that genre is that aside being well educated and articulate,Funso Adeolu Adegeye is one of the very few actors that can grow with the character they are acting out in a particular movie.Funso can conveniently transit from a young man to a middle age man and also an old man conveniently with little or no effort. Besides,he also has the carriage. click the link below to go to... HOW FUNSO ADEOLU'S RUMOURED AFFAIR WITH FATHIA BALOGUN AFFECTED HIS CAREER. SAIDI BALOGUN & FUNSHO ADEOLU END 5-YEAR RIFT. your social media marketing partner