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Musical duo and brothers performing under the identity, Skuki are at war. And the reason for this happenstance is tagged 'the incursion' of another artiste, weird singer- Goldie into their world. Sources claimed one of the brothers, Atewologun better known as Vavavoom is currently enmeshed in a hidden but torrid romance with Nigerian version of international act, Lady Gaga- Goldie (real names Susan Olabimpe Harvey) But his brother Timininu- stage name Peeshaun- is said to be against the affair. Timininu is said not be comfortable with Goldie's lifestyle in and out of public eye. He believes the romance would lead to nothing but 'trouble' for the brothers. The diverse opinion between the brothers on the issue erupted in a public fight recently. 'The brothers engaged in a heated public row about the issue at the National Stadium Surulere' a source divulged. They were engaged in routine rehearsal when the happenstance came to be, witnesses confirmed. What could have transformed an ugly physical engagement was reportedly put in check by the manager. This was not before 'they yelled at each other and poked fingers into faces.' It is yet to be confirmed what sparked off that particular incident. Confidantes divulged Goldie sent abusive messages to Timininu after the incident for 'interfering in her love life and making it an unacceptable public spectacle' The Skuki brothers- behind the hit song, Banger- are reportedly still walking on egg shell around each other over the issue. Spokesperson for Goldie maintains ‘there is nothing like that’.
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