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Last weekend was a festive one in Nollywood as two of the industry's most beloved stars stepped into matrimonydom, namely Stepanie Okereke and Chidi Mokeme. The latter did his traditional wedding in Nigeria and we wish him all the best. Stephanie Okereke is an accomplished actress who has paid her dues in Nollywood and worked hard to perfect her craft. She's a statuesque, ebony Queen with stunning features whose presence on our silver screens is always an added bonus to any movie she plays in. While it's widely understood that any woman's wedding day is deemed to be a fairytale, especially when finances are no objection, nonetheless the lavish spread of Ms Okereke and her fiancé Linus Idahosa's matrimony in France were nothing short of shocking. Shocking? Yes, shocking! Why? Here's why: in these trying times of economic crisis, Nollywood stars who boast every chance they get that they are not spoiled by money and that they do give back to their communities should lead the way. Half of Nollywood's Who's Who flew down to France for the wedding, do we dare think about the amount of money that was wasted into such madness? Wasted because, most of the people who had to fly down to France live in Nigeria and neither the bride nor the bridegroom are French residents. Aren't there swank venues in Nigeria that could have hosted the wedding properly with all the bling and luxury? President Goodluck Jonathan was invited,but reportedly had the good taste to send the Minister of Aviation instead. Still, aren't there more pressing issues in Nigeria for government officials to do what they were elected in the house to do? Aren't Nigerians just coming out of several days of strike to voice their disagreement on the fuel subsidy issue and now members of the government are flying out of the country for frivolous reasons on taxpayers money? Anyone? How much money went into hosting that wedding in that castle? The cake? The services? The value added taxes (VAT) on all goods and services used that day? On the accomodation? The food? The drinks? Yes, the guests were all well off and they have a dime to spare, but isn't there another way to do things? Why should all that money be wasted in a foreign land for the sake of a wedding? What about the economic boost Nigerian businesses would have gotten by supplying all the goods and services that were used that day? Couldn't they host the wedding in Nigeria and ask their guests to make a generous donation to their favourite charities instead? Or are there private issues that needed to be avoided in Nigeria, that's why the venue was chosen on foreign shores? Might be that Ms Okereke is being wise by protecting her assets under French Law should she one day wake up not in love anymore and Mr Idahosa doesn't agree with her? As we all know, Western laws tend to protect women in case love turns sour and they are the main breadwinner in a relationship. It's a bitter disappointment to see the French laugh all the way to the bank while there are for sure people in Nigeria and even in the couple's own families and villages who could have greatly benefited from the lavish spread of money which all things considered was totally wasted. © Eagle Eye for Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... BREAKING NEWS: First Photos from Stephanie Okereke’s France Wedding More Pictures From Stephanie Okereke's Wedding BREAKING NEWS: FIRST PITURES, TOP ACTOR, CHIDI MOKEME TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE TO JANE ODUAH ON BLAST: NOLLYWOOD STARS CAN'T TAKE CRITICISM! THERE WAS THIS STORY THAT RMD AND I WAS SEEN DOING SOMETHING IN A CAR--ACTRESS STELLA DAMASUS Please, ensure you use the social media sharing below this page to spread this to your family and friends. © 2012 Nigeriafilms.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher
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