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Apparently basking in the euphoria of a new status, many Nigerians in showbiz throw caution in the wind in the process of “living it up”. These days, hardly does a month end without news of someone in Nollywood or the Music industry, getting involved in car accident or public brawl... This comes as no surprise, especially to those who are in the know of the background of today’s stars. Most of them, even in wildest dreams, never thought they would attain their current standing in the society. In fact, not only do they talk about the rise to fame in interviews, they also author books and record songs on it. It is worrisome that the mints these guys stack in bank accounts have overwhelmed them, so much that some can no longer think properly. In 2013 alone, there have been at least a dozen auto crash involving celebrities. On the average, that is a scary 2 to 3 cases per month. Names like Samklef, Danagog, Maye Hunter, America, Nashville, Asa and others form the lot. The most recent involving fabulously talented Ayo “Wizkid” Balogun, rattled virtually every music lover; this is because the young man is adored by the younger generation.
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