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When they say ‘never under estimate the power of money’, there must be a reason for that because money can make that big celebrity to be very humble to the person in possession of that huge amount of money who is willing to throw it out at will. In Nigeria, some celebs do things as if they are gods, but they go on their knees at the mention of money, and their tongues confess that ‘money is lord’. Recently, at a public lecture held at a popular nightlife spot in Lagos, controversial woman pastor, Helen Ukpabio donated a sum of one million. No sooner had she made the donation than entertainers at the event were disorganised. It became a normal thing for them to remind the woman that they (entertainers) ‘love’ her ministry. Our tatafo eyes spotted Julius Agwu, who first went to Ukpabio, shortly after the event ended, ‘toasting’ the woman on what we don’t know about. All we saw next was Julius looking for a piece of paper to write something on as directed by the one million naira cheerful giver. Julius first picked a complimentary card he saw on the table, but decided to tear a piece from a paper he later laid his hand on. He wrote something on it and passed it on to Pastor Ukpabio. No sooner had Julius sorted himself out than Chidi Mokeme blocked the woman, where she was still seated and about to leave the event. Trust sharp guy, Chidi, he squatted while he muttered some words to the woman. If you think your celebs are not ‘humble,’ pray you have cash to dole out like Pastor Ukpabio, you will have a good control of them. They really need money, forget about the glamorous lifestyle they portray. © 2013 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... YARADUA WAKE UP! NIGERIA IS BOILING HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE A WORRYING TREND IN NOLLYWOOD: ACTRESSES PREFER NIGERIANS BASED ABROAD! Goldie Gets BigBrother StarGame Slot MEMO TO MOVIE PRODUCER DANIEL ADEMINOKAN Reason: Actress Chika Ike may have abandoned her marriage! Actress, Anita Joseph; Journalist, Oyetayo Adeshina Robbed At Gunpoint In Lagos
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