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Painfully, some of Nigeria's top celebrities have lost their precious lives in ghastly auto crashes. The memory of the last ones, Dagrin and Mc Loph, still remain fresh in the memories of entertainment lovers. Enyinna Nwigwe, 'Bachelors' star actor who doubles as a movie producer would have been counted amongst the dead celebrities if not for the intervention of God. Speaking on his near-death experience that happened last year, he recalled, "I tumbled about eight times, it was like a stunt from an action film. I died last year, yet I’m alive. I was coming from a friend’s wedding, and it was raining. It was a four lane express way, some driver swerved onto my lane and I got startled. On hitting the brakes, I skidded off the bridge. As I was skidding off, I saw the guy driving off. The driver didn’t even know what was happening behind him," Enyinna Nwigwe said. "I tumbled about eight times. I was consciously counting while I tumbled down the bridge and across the last express lane". "It was like a stunt from an action film, and I came out whole and well. It is such a miracle that I can’t stop taking about." - He added.
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