“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” CAMPAIGN INVITATION TO ATTEND A PUBLIC MEETING ON THE FUTURE OF NIGERIA - SATURDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER 2009. We all know the problems Nigeria has and the negative publicity that this our beloved country attracts, both locally and internationally. It is common knowledge that wherever and whenever any group of Nigerians come together, we tend to discuss and lay more emphasis on the problems and not the solutions to our nation`s problems. At this stage of Nigeria’s development, there is hardly any negative issues about our country that could come as a surprise to any Nigerian or any friend of Nigeria. Hence, we ordinary people of Nigeria and friends of Nigeria have come together in the belief that `evil prevails when good men do nothing`. We are resolute in our campaign and our objectives are clear. (Objectives to be shared at the meeting). If indeed the appropriate definition of democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, then, it is high time all of us as stake holders in the entity called Nigeria came together and speak with one voice in a public procession with the intention of demonstrating our opposition to, and campaign (Peaceful procession on our Independence day) against the ills of our society by effecting positive change through information dissemination and active participation of ordinary and common Nigerians. We have seen the power of orientation in the WAI, OFN (War Against Indiscipline and Operation Feed the Nation) even though the campaign was short. Gone are the days when any ordinary Nigerian must sit back and meditate on our problems rather than take positive action to effect positive change. We can no longer afford to approach issues relating to our country from a defeatist mindset. We are powerful when we join our voices together. Power belongs to the people – you and I – ordinary people of Nigeria! We have seen what can be achieved when good men/women act: the end of the evil apartheid regime in South Africa; Abolition of Slave trade; and the Civil Rights Movement in America to name but a few. We do not seek to overthrow the government but rather to join forces with other progressive movements within Nigeria to promote social justice and good governance for the benefit of all Nigerians. We ordinary Nigerians in Diaspora (exile) intend for the trumpet to blow from the valley to the mountain top, declaring in harmony, Enough is Enough. We are so blessed with ordinary Nigerians doing extra ordinary things all over the world. Our keynote speakers are ordinary, unknown Nigerians, yet theirs are voices that would speak in the wilderness for us the people of Nigeria on the day, to usher in the glory of our great nation. Let every Nigerian you know be aware and sacrifice their time to attend a Public Meeting where the plan and agenda for the peaceful march on 1st October will be discussed and the objectives of the Campaign shared. Please be a part of this epoch meeting to change the destiny of our dear country to what God has planned it to be. Join us on Saturday 19 September 2009 at WAZOBIA Restaurant, 25-27 Watford Way. NW4 3JH. Contact: 07814097939 or 07947794382 We shall be empowered and our thinking of ourselves and our beloved country Nigeria would never be the same. Our vision includes mobilising ordinary Nigerians in the Diaspora whose future aspirations and desire to return home with their children are being scuppered by the pervasive culture of corruption, ignobly championed by the few ruling elites. Kindly circulate this email to as many Nigerians as you know. It is time for us to collectively say in unequivocal terms that Enough is Enough. Enough of Corruption! Enough of Armed Robbery! Enough of Economic Mismanagement! Enough of Religious brainwashing and bigotry! Enough of Darkness occasioned by lack of electricity! Enough of poor education and joblessness! FROM THE CAMPAIGN TEAM A NON-PARTISAN, NON POLITICAL GROUP. ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL AFFILIATION! Enough is enough campaign! (A Non-Partisan, Non-Political Campaign) CALLING ALL NIGERIANS TO ACTION. Please join your fellow selfless and progressive Nigerians in a peaceful procession in front of the Nigerian High Commission to say: Enough is Enough! Date: Thursday 1st October 2009 Venue: Nigerian High Commission, 9 Northumberland Avenue London. WC2N 5BX Time: 9.30am prompt Please join us on Nigeria’s Independence day to say in unequivocal terms that Enough is Enough. By the Campaign Team (Contact/Comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 07814097939, 07947794382)
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