Nigerian model and actress, Bukky Wright, must be heading for a show down with the London producer of an award. We gathered that Bukky was tole by the said producer to help him buy some tickets for some people coming to London. Bukky did as instructed by the producer who promised to reimburse her when she gets to London. Unfortunately, the award was packed full of anomalies. The Yoruba artistes were not properly taken care of by the organizers. Insiders told us that the only a handful of celebrities graced the event by Nollywood. For a 7 pm event, it could not start until I a.m. A source who sat in the Vip section hinted that they were not even served one drop of water, despite paying huge sums to be in that section. Meanwhile, we learnt Bukky and the guy are still dragging the issue of how she will get her refund for those she helped in paying for their tickets. We gathered they are about 9 in number. your social media marketing partner