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Ghanaian star actor Van Vicker is actually underway home to Ghana after abandoning a set in Asaba without any explanation. The actor who was on set to shoot a movie left without notice of his whereabouts leaving the cast and crew hanging. After waiting for him in vain this morning, the producer of the movie went to his hotel to enquire. Fearing that something might have happened to the actor, the hotel management proceeded to break the hotel door to assure that all was well. The producer and the management walked into an empty room, the actor had taken all his belongings away. Calls to his cell remained unanswered. Calls to his wife didn't prove anymore productive since she wasn't awareof her husband's whereabouts, but she promised to text him. Later on, the producer got him on the line only to hear that Van was actually in Lagos underway to the airport to board a plane home. He has an appointment with the American Embassy first thing tomorrow morning. The producer accused him of lack of professionalism for not telling before hand, that he was planning on to leave. Van replied that he had expected the shooting to be finished by now, forgetting that the shooting was delayed because he was also shooting another project on another location at the same time. Frequent absences and reporting late on the set delayed the entire production for days. Another one of his excuses is the fact that Mercy Johnson has taken a leave to attend the wedding of Mike Ezuruonye in Enugu. Mercy Johnson has asked for the permission to leave and she's already back on set. The producer is all the more upset because Van Vicker demanded 600,000 nairas for the project that were paid upfront. The actor has asked that further communication on the subject be forwarded to his publicist. Nigeriafilms.com efforts to join the latter have remained unanswered to date.
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