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My goodness, I witnessed this with my own eyes...and what a sight it was. After the MAMAs last night, a few friends and I decided to end the night at Rehab Club on Ajose Adeogun and well, a few minutes after we got there...the fight with Ikechukwu and a bouncer ensued. They wouldn't let him through the gates and he flipped. (They let Naeto C and Sauce Kid in a few minutes before Ikechukwu arrived). It looked like it was deliberate...! Ikechukwu's such a nice fellow but when he gets angry...wow! During the fight, he took his shirt off, his very expensive sun glasses fell (btw, I have the pic of the guy who took Ikechukwu's glasses incase anyone wants it back...:-)). The bouncer he fought with bled through the nose...I hear Killz has a black belt...or maybe the bouncer didn't really want to fight him back? Anyway, the rapper has since apologized for his behaviour. Ikechukwu addressing the issue on twitter this morning. Ikechukwu's tweets about the incident... If u party at rehab pls don't talk to me. That club is dead to me. A bouncer put his hands on me for what ????? FUCK REHAB aNd all its fucking people "I stOpped going to rehab cos not only does the club just suck as far as space is concerned but it always has one funny smell. Then I just can't stand the people running the club. Feel among dey vex them. If I no gree be ur friend no be by force na. Ah jo oo" Just wanna apologize to my fans for bringing myself so low yesterday. This is not the kind of character I portray or expect anyone else to. People will always test u. Show strength with restraint. God bless
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