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Since 1992/93, when Nigerian home movies, otherwise known as Nollywood, came into limelight, a lot of people, who ordinarily would have remained in obscurity, have been transformed to superstars. It seems, however, that some of the stars have lost their shine since nothing much has been heard of them lately. Life and Beat takes a look at some of the stars who ruled the screens some years ago Regina Askiya Former beauty queen, Regina Askiya, may not have been a very fantastic actress during her time, but movie producers loved her beautiful face and she played the lead role in some movies back then. One can’t forget her role in Full Moon. When it was thought that she would have shone brighter in her career, marriage came calling and Askiya relocated to the US, but not to Hollywood. Askiya left the movies entirely and as if to say goodbye to the screens, she decided to save lives by studying nursing at the College of Staten Island of the City University, New York. Victoria Iyama Victoria Iyama was once a hot cake in Nollywood and she had a huge fan base. The marriage bug caught up with her and the damsel relocated to the UK, where she is living happily with her hubby. Iyama, however, seems to still be in love with the make-belief world as she is currently studying drama at Identity Drama School, London. Liz Benson Liz Benson said she got a call from God and she left the movie industry to answer the divine call. Now married to a man of God, Benson reigned big time in the movie industry some years ago and she was loved by many people. The actress turned evangelist made people love her more with her roles in movies like Scores to Settle and Shame. Rita Nzelu Gap-toothed Rita Nzelu was there from the beginning. Her role in Living in Bondage got her accolades and ensured people fell in love with her. Nzelu, who had done quite a number of movies, appears to have disappeared from her first love. Ngozi Nwosu Who doesn’t know Ngozi Nwosu? If you don’t know her by that name, certainly you will know her as Peace in Fuji House of Commotion. Very fluent in Yoruba and Igbo, Nwosu played the lead role in so many movies years back. Her face is no longer seen in movies. She is no longer a part of the Fuji House of Commotion that earned her added fame. Nwosu is still in Nigeria as she has been seen at some social gatherings. Okey Ogunjiofor Okey Ogunjiofor will forever be recognised for his role in Nollywood; he is reputed to be the producer of the number one movie, Living in Bondage. After the great feat, nothing much was heard of Ogunjiofor. He is still into movie production, but he has not yet produced any earth shaking movie like his first. Dolly Unachukwu Dolly Unachukwu relocated to the UK when her career in Nollywood was on the upward swing. She was one of the pioneers of the movie industry in Nigeria. She has not left the movie industry though as she has gone ahead to study Films and Videos in the University of East London. Pat Attah Handsome Pat Attah got more fans than foes during his time in Nollywood. Once rumoured to have dated some Nollywood actresses, including Nkiru Sylvanus, Lilian Bach, Iyama and Askiya, Attah used to be one of Nollywood’s top actors. Attah left the shores of Nigeria and relocated to Hamburg, Germany, some years back, where no one knows what the dude is up to. Sandra Achums Pretty actress, Sandra Achums, featured in several Nollywood movies like Dead End and Fatal Desire before she left the industry. The last time Life and Beat heard of Achums, she was said to be in Germany and she is not doing badly with her husband and three kids. She attempted a comeback a few years ago, but she probably discovered that some younger stars had overtaken her; she quickly beat a retreat to her base. RMD It will be difficult to count the number of movies Richard Mofe-Damijo had featured in. The guy, who was there in the beginning, is one of the most-respected Nollywood actors. Married to an ex-TV gal, Jumobi, Mofe-Damijo moved down to his state, Delta, to serve as a commissioner under Emmanuel Uduaghan.
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