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Did you just say ruggedman again?well yes but this time,he is not slicing anyone with his lyrics,instead he is begging for forgiveness from the old general whom he 'lifted' his lyrics and added to his song 'a word is enough for the 9ice'..a rap song dedicated to musician abolore akande a.k.a 9ice. Word had it that the old general was about to sue the rapper for copyright and the rapper went in search of the prince.he tweeted that he had met with the general and i contacted him to find out how the meeting went and he delighted me with what transpired.. ''you remember I told you last time you interviewed me on this issue that his son got in touch with me on facebook.He gave me the Generals number and my manager called,got his address and fixed a visit last Tuesday but when we were ready the generals phone rang without him picking up.So we did not go again but fixed to go whether he picked up or not.we went there thursday january 20,2011. Since he is an elderly man I decided to go with a senior coleague out of respect for the general. So we young boys won't just be talking to him.I asked my friend and brother Gbenga Adeyinka 1st CFR to accompany us.We met the general in a house inside Ketu and we were welcomed warmly even from outside the house there was jumping and shouting as the women outside recognised Gbenga Adeyinka,Obviously from the numerous tv shows he hosts and his magazine Laffmattaz. The general was in the living room with a musician coleague of his.Gbenga spoke first on the reason we were there, that we have offended and have come to meet our "daddy"to beg for forgiveness and also prayers. I told him of how we kept calling the number on his cd but it turned out to be a marketer and not his management. The general asked his friend to speak and he said he was surprised when he heard about a part of his song being used without permission but now that we had come humbly things are now different The general said he was happy we came,that some of his people had been talking about sueing me. That even if he asks for 100 million that it will finish one day He prayed for us all individually and blessed me and my music.It was a memorable day for us all, I could not ask for permission to use part of his song before I did but I got his blessings after''. Nice move Rugged,copyright is a crime and you are lucky you got off easy....NEXT!! Click the link below to go to ... VETERAN MUSICIAN, PRINCE ADEKUNLE SET TO TAKE RUGGEDMAN TO COURT
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