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What the Bible describes as vanity upon vanity is an apt description of the utterances of Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House On The Rock Church yesterday. “I am a billionaire and there is nothing anybody can do about it,” Pastor Adefarasin boasted yesterday as he preached in an N8.5 million a day auditorium at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria. “I have coached many billionaires and you know, the pastor of billionaires is a billionaire,” Adefarasin who was not included among the five richest pastors in Nigeria by a blogger with Forbes, the influential American magazine that keeps a tab on the world’s rich. The Forbes blogger, Mfonobong Nsehe, had said that after intense research, he established that the official wealth of Bishop David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome, TB Joshua, Matthew Ashimolowo and Chris Okotie, Nigeria’s five richest pastors, is between N31 and 37 billion. But, TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations has denied the report, saying that he does not even keep a bank account and cannot save billions in the bank while millions are going hungry. “The preacher of billionaire can only be a billionaire because a monkey cannot give birth to a goat and a goat cannot follow a baboon,” Adefarasin, who is completing a multi-billion naira church in Lekki, said as he adjusted his cute Italian suit. “I am a preacher. I am a motivational speaker. I am a TV personality. I am a life coach. You can criticise me or slander me in the pages of newspapers but the blessings are in me and there is nothing anyone can do about it,” he said. Adefarasin, who preached on Phillipians 2:6-14 with the theme ‘Work It Out’, said that when he was still a drug addict in Miami, United States, with a low self esteem, he never imagined that he could financially achieve so much for himself and the ministry. “I was a nobody. I had a low self esteem but God did it for me. If God can make it for me, he can make it for you,” Adefarasin said amidst boisterous ovations. To become a billionaire, Christians must simply imagine it, ask and realise that money, blessing and favour are already in them. All they need is to ‘work out’ what ‘God has already worked in’. “Some of you do not see that you are already billionaires but there is a difference between to create and to unveil. God will simply unveil your billions to you as he did to me,” he said to an elated and expectant congregation.
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