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Every relationship with an opposite sex that is not a blood relative must be defined and operated as defined. If you are a guy and you are ALWAYS with a lady that is not legally married to you, at odd hours in her house or yours, always ask yourself: “What exactly are we doing? Are we colleagues on duty? Are we potential husband and wife? Are we related by blood... or are we simply potential or practical fornicators or adulterers? If you are this type of person who is selective about intimate friendship, you will go far in life. When you choose friends, it is advisable that your “best friends” have the following qualities: (1) Older than yourself (2) Professionals in your field or area of interest with far higher experience (3) Christians who love God better than you do (4) Enjoy your presence and do not see you as a burden (5) More educated, intelligent, caring and morally disciplined than you are When you have the above personality as “best friend”, then you are likely to make a good husband or wife if you allow their lives to influence yours. Also, a true friend looks out more for what to give than what to receive. Jesus Christ did this by offering even his own life to save the whole world from sin. If you are a married woman who believes that you should never pay your husband’s bills or buy him gifts even when it is obvious that he has no penny, then, your marriage may not last. There is also something you need to know as a single lady. Before you get into a deep commitment with somebody, you must try to find out the person’s background. Some guys are not ready to love. They are ready to just take advantage of people. If you discover that the person you are about to start dating is somebody that has a history of breaking people’s hearts, you need to be careful and find out why this person has been in a repeated broken relationships. Investigate before you invest. ...TO BE CONTINUED click the link below to go to... BITTER TRUTH ON MARRIAGE (Part 1) BITTER TRUTHS ON MARRIAGE (Part 2)-Understanding Relationship. EXPOSE OF NOLLYWOOD’S FAILED MARRIAGES. © 2011 Nigeriafilms.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher
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