With the advent of social utility sites like Facebook,Twitter and of course blackberry,it has become easier for guys to hook up with babes. Here are few tips on how to woo babes on Facebook. 1) Your username must be appealing! For example; 2buff (lol), I'mHotterThanFire, LadiesMan, S*xIsNotGoodForLittleChildren, IhaveSixPacks, ExtraSwag. 2) Don't be too desperate. Chill out. Don't go around asking for babes' phone numbers and email address. 3) Concentrate/Focus on the on their profiles,Single ladies full ground for facebook 4) If you're fine enough, put your picture on your profile. If you're not, pls don't bother. If you want extra attention and you're not so fine, go steal a believable picture of a Fine man from the internet and claim it as yours. You don hammer be that! 5) Post Sensibly. Don't be too LefuLefu-ish, or C0rk-ish, or 190-ish. Post like a normal human being. 6) Always support the ladies. Don't hesitate to argue with your fellow men while you take the ladies' side (even when you know your argument is not making any sense). Relax buddy- Take the insults hurled at you. You're earning cool points from the ladies! 7) When you see that ladies have started noticing you;leave your email ID on your profile. Leave it there! No remove am o! Now sit back and watch females fall for you, even when they know you have no intention of catching them . You'll thank me later.
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