Last year, the Film Distributors Association of Ghana, in collaboration with Film Regulatory Board of Ghana, issued a directive to start clamping down on operators of video rental shops and people who pirate Ghanaian movies. According to them the association’s ongoing antipiracy war is to reduce the rate at which some unscrupulous persons are taking the law into their hands to pirate movies. After their successful campaign last year, they jailed one victim named wisdom Banini. This year, though the various associations have been silent on the Anti-Piracy campaign, the President of film distributors and marketers Association Mustapha Adams has told NigeriaFilms.Com Correspondent (Mustapha Ayinde Inusah) in Ghana that, they have been silent in the media but were still working hard to reduce the rate of piracy in the system. According to him, they now have a map of the major cities and places where the pirated movies activities took place and would be storming those areas at the right times. He revealed that they have formed some surreptitious antipiracy amalgamation which helps them to detect where most of the films produced are pirated before they (the movies) enter the market. He added that, last week (Friday) they stormed Kasoa, where all the pirates absconded but they managed to ‘intercept’ about 3000 pirated movies. “We have been monitoring Kasoa for long, one of the major cities where most of the pirated movies come from and this weekend we stormed the place together with the assistance of Kasoa Police but unfortunately the owners of the movies run away, while we managed to seize about 3000 pirated movies,” he said. He lamented that one of the guys they trapped, attacked one of their task force officials and ran away. “Though we didn’t get hold of any of the guys, we are still going to search for them and prosecute them in court,” he assured. Mr. Mustapha Adams advised all pirates to eschew pirating intellectual properties in any form or kind. “In Ghana, piracy is a crime! All we want to tell the pirates is that they are killing our business and we don’t want that to happen because the movie industry is creating employment for lots of people and if the industry doesn’t take care those pirating our movies, it will take us out of business” Mr. Mustapha Adams concluded. © 2013 Click the link below to go to... Nkiru Sylvanus Responds To Rumour On Romance With Imo Governor Chioma Toplis Finally Unveils White Husband’s Photos "It Is Very Hard For Men Of Nowadays To Find The Right Woman"---Terry G Pastor Anselm Madubuko Holds Traditional Wedding In Kenya (Pictures) I'm Sorry For Disappointing Nigerians At BBA--Beverly Osu Begs Omoni Oboli on Vacation...Still Keeping Mum My Life After Project Fame -- Monica Ogah TOPE ALABI’S BOMBSHELL! I CAN’T BE GOING OUT SHABBILY BECAUSE I AM SINGING GOSPEL MUSIC your social media marketing partner