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2013 is a landmark year for ICSN Iri Ji or New Yam Festival. Last sunday was the 15th year anniversary. This year’s Iri Ji Festival was not just solely about honouring our culture, and continuing the legacy of the New Yam festival, but also about paying homage, and respecting the lineage of our unique organisation ICSN, hence this year’s titled " ICSN Iri Ji (New Yam) Festival 2013 & 15 Year Anniversary Celebration The ICSN Iri Ji (New Yam) Festival 2013 & 15 Year Anniversary Celebration ICSN(Igbo Cultural Support Network) is the UK’s largest networking organisation for young adults of Nigerian Igbo descent. The organisation currently has a membership of over 1,500 members and is growing. The London Borough of Hackney was blessed for a second year in a row. Having still not gotten over the beautiful showcase of Igbo cultural pride we displayed last year, the Petchey Academy was yet again the venue for another splendid projection of the Igbo community London. In our towns back in Nigeria there is usually an Iroko Drum, in every village that when hit summons the whole community to stop what they are doing, and congregate at a specific place to hear special announcements. In this case the drum of ICSN on the evening of Saturday 19th October was struck, and judging by the many that attended, the echo off the drum could clearly be heard, all over London, the whole of the UK, and even Nigeria. Over 500 people attended this year, the most we have ever had
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