Nigerian international photographer, Yemi Adewusi, aka Losgiddy is a trained professional photographer of several years of experience. He is has quite a number of clientele in Nigeria ranging from individuals to corporate bodies. Losgiddy runs a fashion and food art/photography outfit. He is also fast becoming a force to reckon with in the fashion industry, both locally and internationally, with gift of finding beauty in everyone, Losgiddy is a persona that easily puts his subjects at ease. He is a hardworker who would rather push the boundary rather than getting scared to take risks, resulting in unique and interestingly different images. “Growing up, I was rather art inclined but never quite pursued the interest because it didn't seem like a profitable venture to actually make a living from. However, four years after obtaining a university degree, I decided to put aside my desire for earnings and follow my passion. Besides that, I really didn’t see myself doing a nine-to-five job and being at the mercy of an employer, living off a standard income source,” Losgiddy told He went on to say, “with the encouragement of my mother, uncle and my sisters, I delved into photography as a profession in 2010 and I haven’t since looked back. In my works as a photographer, I’m always looking to differentiate myself from the average Nigerian illiterate cameraman and elevate the profession as the respectful skill requiring one that it actually is. “In 2011, I joined the renowned creative craft school, ‘Creative Option’ as an instructor tutoring photography to both young and old people who want to learn the intricate art of photography and not just be an illiterate wielding expensive camera equipment cluelessly.” No doubt, inspired by the beauty of art and how it helps one in creating an almost perfect illusion of what one wants the world to look like, and giving power to to see life as beautiful and perfect, the Lagos based photographer, loves the art and is happy with it. your social media marketing partner