Prominent female talking drummer, Ara, is defining her style of music as she intends to position the Africa culture to the rest of the world from an home grown aspect. She said the foreign artistes of African origin cannot be as detailed as true African musicians. For a musician who had been plying her innate talents since her primary school days, she wants to place her music on a plain level for everyone all over the world to understand and identify with regardless of the language barrier. She said, "My lyrics speak to humanity, so that everyone everywhere will be able to feel it. I aim to make Africa proud. None of the great Africa artistes out there-like Sade Adu, for instance-were groomed in Africa. As such, they cannot really project African values. "I want to be the first home grown Africa artiste that would make such a telling impact as to make people look up and regard Africa culture and accept it for what it really is." She has been referred to as the queen of talking drum by many music lovers. your social media marketing partner