Nigeria’s pop duo, P-square within the past few years, have been able to gain grounds in the highly Nigerian competitive music market which has seen great stars emerge as the day goes by. Though the duo might have had their fare share of challenges as a group but the duo have promised to always learn to put aside their differences and face what they know how to do best which is good music. The singing twins are married with kids and in understanding the effect of marriage on Peter Okoye, in a brief chat recently, he disclosed that he is now more responsible than before because there are some certain things he can no longer do. In his words, “Marriage has made me to be more responsible, in the sense that there are certain things which I am limited to do as a married man. But I still remain who I am because marriage doesn’t restrict me from doing what I know how to do best on stage. In a nutshell, I will say marriage has changed me as Peter Okoye but not as P-square.” Recalling their most embarrassing moment in life, Peter noted that they were called by their kinsmen who advised them to join them in the village and stop roaming about. “It was when we were coming up. Some of our kinsmen walked up to us and told us that it’s high time we join them in the village and stop roaming about the streets as if we are not conversant with the tradition of our people. We felt embarrassed. But unfortunately, we later adhered to their advice,” he told Vanguard. your social media marketing partner