One of the stars in Nollywood, Lilian Amah-Aluko, has again released her newest novel entitled; ‘Dreams Of Yesterday’. The actress, who is respected for her acting prowess, has continued to display her writing skills in literature. Sometime ago, she released 'Echoes Of A Heartbeat', a novel published in the UK, which later became a best-seller. Her latest work is said to be very captivating and suspense filled. It has already been selling in the UK and on Amazon, a reputable online platform for the sale of materials. READ ALSO:PRAYER FOR NIGERIA ‘Dreams Of Yesterday’ is a thriller/suspense novel set in 1960s Nigeria. We hear that the novel is very interesting too. In ‘Dreams Of Yesterday’, the lives, loves, triumphs and trials of a bi-ethnic couple come under scrutiny. Lekan Lawson loves his wife Ronke. Separated from her during the Nigerian civil war and suffering amnesia, he meets and falls in love with another woman, Ndidi. The war ends, he finds Ronke again and unable to let go of either woman, Lekan starts a love triangle that can only lead to disaster. Can one man love two women at the same time? Can a woman accept and learn to live with the knowledge that her husband loves her but also loves another woman? READ ALSO: BREAKING: Court clears Fani-Kayode of corruption charges Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner