Veteran Nollywood actor, Dejumo Lewis, who played the role of a paramount king, Oloja of Oja in the now rested NTA drama, Village Headmaster, has disclosed that he is set out to help build Nigeria and Africa as a whole and not ready for any kingship position. The actor stated that he is from Erijiyan in Ekiti state and belongs to the ruling families but was not interested in any royal position. He noted that though he plans to relocate to his state, but for a better course of helping to develop the youths to models in the country at large. According to him, “Despite coming from a royal family, my mission in life was not to become a king. Now, I’m planning to relocate to Erijiyan Ekiti to help develop my town and state of origin, with the hope of building a cultural foundation that will help others and be a model for Nigeria and other parts of Africa. This I hope to leave behind for community and my children. And I hope to develop this as our culture dictates.” “I belong to one of the ruling families? I’m not cut out for that because my mission is for Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Mind you, I left the priesthood because it will restrict my professional and operational base, so also the kingship stool will restrict me to my domain,” he told Sun newspaper. your social media marketing partner