There is no doubt that the film in industry in Nigeria, which is widely called Nollywood, is experiencing a major shake up now. Though the sector of the entertainment industry has really not matched its music counterpart, but it is obvious that if the latest trend in diligently followed, the quality of movies spurned out would be top class.

This latest trend, many believed was the re-introduction of the cinema culture in Nigeria. The cinemas have now indirectly become the censor board of Nigeria.

For a film to be regarded as good, it must have gone through the cinemas and made good success. Films like Ije, Tango With Me, The return of Jenifa, The Mirror Boy and others have passed through this fire to become the gold they are today.

But with this development, many producers who have had their films not screened or shown at the cinemas have cried fowl that their films were rejected for no good reason.

There have been allegations by some Nigerian movie producers that the cinema operators frustrate them, while some believe that one must be highly connected to the who is who in the entertainment industry and those in the high places.

Some of those who made their minds known to NigeriaFilms.Com said that the cinema operators are just in the business only to make money out of the industry, but not to help contribute to its growth. They pointed out that the operators prefer to show foreign films at their cinemas to showing Nigerian movies.

This development they say would not help the production of good and quality cinema films, as the problem of piracy is still not yet tackled by the government.

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