Starring: Joseph Benjamin & Yvonne Okoro

Starring: Joseph Benjamin & Yvonne Okoro

Starring: Joseph Benjamin & Yvonne Okoro


Stuck on a deserted road, a newly married couple betrothed from childhood, transforms an awkward relationship into something meaningful until Rebecca makes an unexpected confession.


Clifford (Joseph Benjamin), an affluent young man, traveled from the city to the village to marry Rebecca (Yvonne Okoro). They were betrothed from childhood and he only married her to make good on the promise to his deceased mother.

The two were on their way to the city when they experienced car trouble. As they waited for their driver to get help, Clifford attempted to get reacquainted with Rebecca since he hadn’t seen her in ages. For some reason she was wallowing in attitude and reluctant to talk.

Nightfall enveloped the sky and the driver hadn’t returned with help. By then, Clifford had a wound on his leg that swelled, they were almost attacked by a wild animal, and unfortunately, they were unable to flag the one car that passed them during the night.

Things seemed grim and they were stuck in the car with nothing to do but talk. They were from different spectrums of life but as the night passed they found common ground that ultimately led to the promise of love, only to have a confession threaten to destroy it.

Let’s Talk. This is a romantic drama shot in one location with two actors. It follows a contrasting couple, a successful businessman, and a woman that lived in the rural village.

Although the couple was stationary in a malfunctioning car, we watched them on a journey from indifference to endearment. Rebecca didn’t communicate at first but she later opened up in ways unexpected.

The movie was ideally about purpose. What’s life without it? Clifford led an upscale life with power, expensive possessions, and rich friends. But was his life meaningful without his status?

Once we shed the superficial – the material things that we think makes us happy, then what’s left? Only our human spirit, our values, and idiosyncrasies. And that’s what translates in this romantic drama where a couple found organic love but in reverse. They were married first and luckily genuine feelings developed after.

The movie was dialogue driven which can be challenging to pull off. Thank God, it wasn’t one-dimensional and it offered a little humor with well-layered, interesting, characters. Clifford had everything except true love and while Rebecca didn’t match his financial status, she was smart, resourceful, and nurturing. They were a match made in heaven waiting to happen here on earth.

The one scene that I didn’t believe was when a wild animal attempted to attack the couple. I understand the need for story conflict but the animal was left to our imaginations. In my opinion, that scene was unnecessary and should have been left on the editing room floor.  

One of my favorite lines was when Clifford asked Rebecca if she was a virgin. She responded “are you?” So funny that women are expected to be virgins but men are not.

Performances? Joseph Benjamin and Yvonne Okoro interpreted their characters well and in terms of casting they were an exceptional match. RECOMMEND

Rated: Not Listed

Genre: Romantic Drama

Release Date: 2016

Directed by: Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Starring: Joseph Benjamin, Yvonne Okoro

Written by: Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Studio: Sparrow Productions

Country: Ghana your social media marketing partner