Sexy actress, Moyo Lawal who is still searching for her Kanye kind of man, is in the news again.

The actress who is unapologetic about how she is been perceived, took to her page to share some of her past.

Down memory lane, the actress disclosed that after graduating from school, she wasn’t sure of what to do with her life.

Everyone in life must have felt unsecured at one point or the other, and this beautiful actress wasn’t left out from such feeling.

She revealed she felt not pretty, bold and tall enough to take on acting as a career as she often felt she wasn’t going to fit into the show business.

It’s great to know, she was able to work on her insecurities, and now, she’s one of the most loved actresses in the industry.

She wrote: “fresh out from school and unsure what to do with my life. In my mind, I wasn’t pretty, tall or bold enough to take on acting as a career. I just felt I wasn’t enough to fit into a show demanding industry.”