Nigerian singer Mr. 2kay has summarized his relationship with his former girlfriend who happens to also be a former housemate of BBNaija Gifty Powers in his new song.

The pair went their separate ways after a hot romantic relationship, although the two cannot stop talking about each other on any given opportunity.

On his recent album titled elevated, the singer was all over gifty powers in his track song ‘my money’ hinting the public that he still loves his ex.

In the song, Mr 2kay said this; “If you no love me, no love my money…. the guy carry her matter for head o…. them two begin to live together o…. like play, like play, she con turn public figure o…. but still on still, the guy still dey love am o…. but she dey give am lamba, plenty lamba…. dem go dey ask am of my guy, she go say she’s single…..

Maybe you have heard the track, and you think it’s just music; well it is more than mere music as it is a summary of Gifty Powers.