Controversy is the middle name of musician, Muma Gee. Asides being accused of sleeping with actor, Emeka Ike on set of Gulder Ultimate Search (Celebrity Showdown), Muma has alot of clearing the air to do.

The new gist around town is on Muma Gee’s real age. Although she would either tell you she is 26 or 27 depending on who you are and your relation to her but those who truly know her swear she is in her late thirties. People have attributed to this attitude as part of her fake way of life and wanting people to see her as young and appealing.

Muma claims on GUS that she is 27 years old but just last year, she was telling someone in the music industry that she was 26 years old. People are used to pocking their noses on her anytime she comes up with such tales as they have become used to her.

So Muma, make up your mind, how old exactly are you?