THE Panti Police Department has warned embattled Pasto Goody Goody not to talk to the Press on his ordeal following his arrest last week over the murder of an innocent driver by one of his boys.

In a chat with NFC, the Ragga star said he had been instructed by the PR department of the Police to direct all media inquries to them on the murder allegedly committed by an unnamed member of his band.

Last week, it was reported that his boy, still at large, beat another to death during an argument over parking space and ran when it dawned on him the implications of his brutal action.

As security details couldn’t find the boy, they reportedly swooped Pastor’s Ajegunle home and picked him, pending the appearance of his boy.

Although another member of the band faulted the arrest and detention of the Calabar dude over an offence he didn’t commit, he equally blamed the boy for running away after killing an innocent person.

“I am convinced he didn’t run so that Pastor would spend time on his behalf in jail, but that has eventually happened. It is wrong for our security officers to arrest innocent citizens just because they can’t immediately lay their hands on the offender.

“But we thank God Pastor has been released. I hope they will soon find the boy and let him face changes in court,” he said.

However, Goody Goody informed that he had released an album two weeks ago and was sure the album be successful.

“I have compiled all my Calabar songs on a CD, just as I have re-mixed most of my old hits in my latest album,” he said.

“On my ordeal with the police, I have been asked not to talk to the press. Please, don’t let us talk about it for now,” he begged.