The true state of Five Star singer, Skiibii, has been revealed but fans are not taking it cool at all with the singer and its management for pulling such a stunt just to promote his music. “Fool faked his death just to promote his new single. Five star music and their lack of creativity. No wonder KCee dresses like traffic light. Shame on the Sky whatever and management of Fivestar music. Even with this stunt, VIC O, is still more popular than him.Do good music and your music will project you to Nigerians, Kiss Daniel didn't fake his death to be known. You must RIP SKIIBII. Five star music are full of shit, that was how Harrysong claimed he was a product of incest just to promote his music.” “Yo if you are alive May God bless you and make you big but if this death of yours was all fashioned for promo fam you are a pus!y that means you shouldn't be doing music if you don't believe you got talent, that's why some people still rate reggae ahead of Afrobeat because of people like you.” “He has 0 talent, bad voice but the fool can fake his death just to promote a song” “Guy I never believed you could stoop so low to pull out such a prank on Nigerians now you don't have any fans apart from your five star group.” “You just lost your career man” “Dude how can you fake your death? O you just lost the love I had for you, In fact am deleting your song off my phone.” "Nigga get a cab and go to hell with your music!! You are never gonna make it!" your social media marketing partner