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Joining few of the Nigerian music stars seeking shelters in Abuja is Jonathan Cyril the pint-sized aspiring rap music star popularly known as Lil’ Jojo. His encounter with the wife of Dr. Adekunle Ayeni, the CEO of the popular trado-medical outfit called Yem-Kem, is something the struggling rap act will never forget in hurry. Before Lil’ Jojo relocated to Abuja for survival, Mrs. Ayeni was said to have ordered for his arrest for rape attempt on her house girl. SS reliably gathered that like every other fans, who always throng Lil’ Jojo’s former abode in Idimu, Lagos, just to say hello to the diminutive rap music sensation anytime he show his face outside his compound. Things took a dramatic turn when the star struck 20 years old house girl was given a cold shoulder. Confirming the story, which has not stopped to amaze residents of Adebola Street, Idimu, Lagos State, Lil’ Jojo said, “On that particular night, she wanted to play with me but I was not in the mood. I tried to warn her but she would not listen, she hit me and run. I was not in the mood for that kind of joke, so when she was coming back, I picked up a stone and stoned her. She went into their house and Yem-kem’s wife came out and started yelling that she is going to charge me and my homeboy, ‘Monk’, for rape. My big brother, Mr. Osaro, came down but the woman did not want to listen to anybody simply because she is Yem-Kem’s wife. She invited the police the following night by 10pm and they were knocking the door but we refused to open the door at that kind hour of the night. The police came back again the following morning and I was taken to the station, where I was questioned and detained for some hours. Interestingly, after both sides explained, they were now charged us for rape. They said, Monk and I tried to pull down her skirt, a house help, why? It‘s ridiculous. Funny enough, The D.P.O requested for Mrs. Ayeni’s presence but she never showed up.” While Yem-Kem boss has kept mute on the issue and refused to show up at the police station when the case lasted, close allies of the young rapper have been crying injustice.
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