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It is no longer news that the popular Hip-hop group Kc Presh have parted ways, but what led to their break up remain unknown to many of their teeming fans. The duo finally disclosed in a recent interview, on why they decide to go solo. Excerpt from the interview; KC: "We've been together for twelve years and we just decided to try our luck as individual acts. Even though we once said its only death that can separate us, but we now want to do things separately, pursue solo careers and know our capabilities, because we have different gifts, talents and flavour. We are not fighting at all; we are still one, only working independent. It's just a strategy. KCEE will be my stage name and I am under a new label called Five Star Music." Presh: "I decided to go solo because I wanted to explore, not because we had any misunderstanding. KC and I are still friends and brothers. We will always support each other" Click the link below to go to ... Kingsley of KC Presh goes solo with new single titled 'Okpekete'
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