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Divorce is such a horrible experience many people would not even wish their enemies. After more than two years of separation from ex-hubby, Eddy Montana of the defunct Remedies Group, Kenny St Brown may not have overcome the trauma contrary to reports that insisted she has moved on. Recently, Kenny was sighted at the launch of the DJ’s Association of Nigeria, DJAN, held in Ikeja, Lagos, where Shwotime Celebrity engaged her in a chat. But she would not stand the mention of her ex-hubby’s name Eddie. Read on… Let’s go more personal now, how is your daughter? My daughter is great, she goes to school with her brother. How is their relationship with their father? (Composure changes, she angrilly shakes her head and gives a ‘NO’ hand sign) That is not part of why we are here. We know but… That is not why we are here. You don’t want to talk about Eddie for any reason? I don’t. Definitely. We just want to know how the relationship has been between them and their father? I can only be a mother, I can’t be both mother and father. As a single parent, you can only be a mother. You can’t both. God can give you the grace to cope by making the resources available and so you are aome how able to play the role but when it comes to the emotional feeding, that balances up parenting where there is a mother and father, it just isnt there. In terms of the connection, I can only be mummy, I can’t be daddy. It the way things are for now. Eddie has said he wants you back, can you comment on that? I’m walking way.
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