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Kingsley Elikpo, popularly known as DJ Zeez, came into the limelight in 2009 when he dropped a massive hit track Ori e o Fokasibe, which generated a lot of controversy because of the literal meaning of the song. While the controversy was still ongoing, he didn't waste time in dropping another single, Boobie e, which was also well- received by music buffs. The Fokasibe crooner has dropped a new single recently titled, Take It Easy, which is currently rocking the airwaves. In a recent interview,he opens up about late Dagrin. Excerpts from the interview. You were in the same record label with Dagrin. If you were that close to him as you said, how come you didn't record a song with him? I did. It's going to come out in this album. Yeah, I did. Prior to his death (May his soul rest in peace) we did a song. We were supposed to release the song. After he passed away, if you noticed, I wasn't in any of the tribute songs, because those tribute songs were recorded 2, 3 days after he passed away. And I wasn't mentally ready for it. I cannot lose somebody so close to me and just start going to the studio to sing. What do I want to talk about? I also found out that a lot of people, were releasing songs that he did with them and the airwaves was congested with Dagrin features so I decided that I will give mine some special kind of attention, by chilling and having it in my next album. I have it right now. Nobody has heard it before. I'm still working on it. I'm trying to perfect it. It is definitely going to be in my upcoming album. Dagrin became greater in death. Was he really that great or is it the Nigerian sentiment that when an artiste dies he suddenly becomes a hero? Well, he was actually that great. He just needed more time for people to really discover him in a better way than through death. But what happened after he died was that death now made everybody out of empathy to start bombarding his songs and everything. They knew he was good but the problem… When MC Loph (May his gentle soul rest in peace too) passed away few days ago, I wrote a BB broadcast that I sent to people. I remember in the message I said, for all the artistes that have passed away since the past one year, it seems like people tend to now give them attention in death. Do we have to wait for a talent to die before we appreciate him? Does an artiste have to die before he gets major airplay on radio? It is sad. And we all know that these people are good. It is just that there is politics everywhere. In Dagrin's case he was a great man and he is still great even in death.
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