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Weird MC (born Adesola Idowu) is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and producer. Known for her catchy English/Yoruba lyrics,and androgynous appearance, Weird MC is one of Africa's token number of female rap artistes, and one of the few Nigerian women associated with Afrobeat. Though, Weird MC has not been in the news for a while.But weeks back,a close source to the rapper reveals to us that she is pregnant though personally I doubted it. But from all indications,it seems the source is right. She was spotted at a high profile event held recently in the industry, one glance at her revealed that she has added weight on strategic areas of her body with swollen face. Weird MC is aware of the rumours going round but has refused to make a statement-confirming or denying it. could She Be Pregnant? We shall keep you posted as events unfold. click the link below to go to... Weird MC Opens Up On Marriage PlansThough.
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