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As we go through life,we all suffer betrayals.Even Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples Judas Iscariot.I have been betrayed but I won’t want to comment about it. It’s a path so painful that I don’t even want to go there.Just like betrayals,I have also suffered heartbreak on account of a woman. Again,it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.Let me just say that love is a strong force which can conquer anybody,even if you are Tuface. It happened to me long ago. I have loved and have been loved.When it comes to love,I am as Innocent as my name Innocent Idibia.I have never come across a virgin all my life.The only person I have disvirgined is me.Myself.The fact that I have not come across a virgin does not mean there are no virgins.What I am saying is that I have never jammed a virgin.I don’t know what I will do the day I come across a virgin.Will I marry her? The truth is marriage is not in my plans.I will never marry.Let me put it that bluntly.I don’t want to marry.I am angry.
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