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There are pains and gains of stardom but for now, the gains are more than the pains. I think travelling on road when we first started was the major pain because we couldn’t afford flight ticket. I can’t remember the number of road accidents I and my brother had. It was so scary. I could remember when we came to Lagos and for four months; we were sleeping on a mattress without chairs, nothing in our room. We were jumping from one bus to another in order to move around and so on. As for the gains, we get a lot of gifts anywhere we go because we are P-Square and anytime we go to clubs, people ask us not to pay. We have money to buy anything we want now and we fly like two, three times in a week. Today, we are among the entertainers endorsed by multinational companies and we are happy about that. So far, I will say it was actually the Game Over album that changed our level.
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