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Its so amazing the way the Hip Hop culture has been redefined by Nigerian Artistes. Before now, it used to be believed that as a Hip Hop act, if you don't sag, wear studs, tattoes and dreadlocks, you ain't a true Hip Hop representer. That believe has been squashed by the likes of Don Jazy, 2Face, D'Banj and so many other artistes who rock Corporate Attires and still make the best Hip Hop songs. These acts have proven that it's not about fronting as a Hip Hop artiste with the childlike appearance but churning out the songs that makes you get reckoned with as a true Hip Hop artiste. D'Banj, a Hip Hop act, recently released pictures of him on suit and tie. Something which looks like telling dem boys that, swag is for boys, class is for men. Check out these pics, isn't he lovely? Looking so Classy. Kudos to Nigerian Artistes for lots of trailblazing.
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