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If things are going on well, we at NFC fully understand that it is your money and wealth that's working for you. Some have made good use of it while some have turned to nuisance with their money. Look at our students sitting at home doing nothing, what are the celebrities doing to help their situation? Yes you are not FG, but you could do something through You have voices to sing, if it is through singing you can talk to the government why not do it and. Contribute your own quota. Our Nigerian celebrities are really having swell time, enjoying life to the fullest, flying privately and wisely from Don Jazzy who recently came back from Mauritius and now Peter Okoye of the singing duo Psquare, who is on a business trip and decided to fly privately too. Life is good like LG Slogan! © 2013 Nigeriafilms.com click the link below to go to... MORE Detained Jim Iyke's PICTURES N15m Scam: Jim Iyke's Aged Parents Begged Me, Case Not Thrown Out Of Court--Habiba [Attached evidence]. STAR ACTOR JIM IYKE IN FRESH TROUBLE. ACTOR JIM IYKE ANSWERS FRAUD ALLEGATIONS CRITICS. STAR ACTOR JIM IYKE IN COURT OVER N15 MILLION FRAUD. ACTOR JIM IYKE PARADES TWO NEW AUTOMOBILES WORTH $100,000,BUILDS CLOTHING MALL WORTH N90 MILLION IN ABUJA. THE MANY SCANDALS OF STAR ACTOR,JIM IYKE. FRAUD ALLEGATION SCANDAL:WHY ARE PEOPLE MAKING SUCH A BIG THING OUT OF IT ?-JIM IYKE. STAR ACTOR JIM IYKE UNDERTAKE ANGER MANAGEMENT COUNSELLING.
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