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Few days go reports went viral that music artiste Burna Boy has fired his mother from being his manager. According to the artiste, his mother, Bose Ogulu has been his manager for a long time and she has led him through the right path. He said at this point in his life, he has to find his own manager, so his mother is no longer his manager and all bookings should be directed to his personal bookings mail. As usual, some bloggers put it up and painted it in a way that got the artiste pissed. A certain blogger took to her blog and said “I just wonder if there is no better way he could have done this, did he have to do this on twitter considering it is his mother, could he not have simply said my mum has stepped down because she feels this is as far as she can go or any other excuse? Because to me it seems as if he is publicly sacking his mother” she wrote. A fan said why does she have to misinterpret everything, then Burna boy after seeing this post attacked the blogger on twitter and said “I did not fire my mum I made an announcement because if I didn't people would still be bothering her with my bookings” just when the blogger replied that saying thank God he has cleared the air and congratulated him on his new video, the pissed Burna Boy said; “I hope God punishes you for trying to make something outta nothing. You desperate animal” another fan of his advised him not to be angry, that the blogger is only trying to push her blog.” © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... Those Who Haven't Achieved Anything Cant Tell You What To Do- Uche Jumbo Davido Ignored Nigeria Flag For Ghana’s Flag @ Ghana Meets Naija Kefee Speaks On Her Illness Genevieve Defend's Nigeria's Entertainment Industry Davido Termed As A 'Liar' Ibinabo Fiberesima, Julius Agwu, Others Shares Cake With Govt. Rotimi Amaechi My Career Failed Because I Did Not Retrace My Steps ………..Oritse Femi
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