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With the recent outbreak of Ebola virus that has caused tongue to wag, the disease is starting to spread like a gentle wind. Reports have it that, two carrier of the virus is dead and 137 people are presently being quarantined, some hospitals have been shut down and Nigerians are not finding it funny. It was reported that the Nigerian Minister of Health has requested for the drugs which has been said to work on the virus, called ZMapp and has had an experimental treatment of two American aid workers. The two American aid workers were given the drug after being stricken with Ebola in Liberia. Both patients, who are being cared for at Emory University Hospital, are improving, an outcome that has governments in Nigeria and other affected African countries as well as three highly regarded Ebola experts clamoring to have the serum released to the hundreds of people who are infected in West Africa. The United states have been reported to have refused the release of the drug to affected countries, but contrary to the reports, the official said that the main reason for holding off on ZMapp's release is because, it isn't known whether the drug will help or even whether it might harm the very people it is intended to save, and that safety trials must be completed before it is widely distributed. Singer Omawumi has urged the United States to release the experimental drugs, stating that, it is better to have it than watch people die. "Give them the experimental drug, its better than to watch people die of Ebola in Africa" she said. Do you support her motion? © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... Please Pay Me What You Owe Me, You Debtor--Duncan Mighty Tells Gov Amaechi Stella Damasus Is My Confidant—Daniel Ademinokan Zaaki Azzay Denies Marrying Ex-Wife’s Cousin What We Always Go Through On Movie Locations—Upcoming Actress Reveals Kefee’s Husband, Teddy Esosa, Speaks On Wife’s Condition Comedian, Sir James Dines With Apkabio, Donates To Motherless Babies Home
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