Several times, fans of two Nigerian R&B singers; Darey Art Alade and Banky W have argued among themselves as to who the real king of R&B is between the two stars. No doubt, when it comes to voice textures, both artistes have it, just as their compositions and deliveries. When it also comes to looks, Darey and Banky W are the dream men of most women. Both can melt the stony heart, if any, of any woman. Sometimes ago, Darey acclaimed himself as the real king of R&B in Nigeria, which pitched him against fans of Banky W. Even though some have claimed that Banky W has not done an ‘international’ R&B song as Darey did with ‘Not The Girl’, which some did not initially thought was done by a Nigeria, but Banky W has done good songs that can rub shoulders with their American counterparts, who are believed to be the kings of R&Bs. Taking a cursory look at the songs these two amazing singers have done, who do you think is really the king of R&B? your social media marketing partner