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Younger brother of Nigerian rapper, MI, Jesse Jagz, is not happy with the way his colleagues in the music industry are turning the society into something else. The former artiste of Chocolate City has frowned at the way artistes merry when the country is going through a turbulent period. Jesse Jagz, who won an award at a recently concluded event in Lagos, said he finds it difficult to believe that his colleagues could be dancing when things are bad in the country. He said musicians are supposed to be guardians of the society. According to him, “My 6th year still the sh*t yeah/ I am legend I'm William Smith yea/hits's flier than Swiss air/ they songs is wrist wear/ mine is Chris Aire” “I watched the Headies.. too much dancing in a country that's going thru so much. We musicians are the guardians of society.” He warned, “We need to stop always thinking that things will be better. We are the change. Things will never change.”© 2014Nigeriafilms.com
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