‘Alanta’ singing duo of Ice K and Adx of ArtQuake rocked the Nigerian air waves with various danceable hit tracks in the late 90s and till now, they are still relevant in the industry. Information available to us shows that the singers are currently working on their album, which will be out before the end of 2015. In a recent chat with QED on how they have been able to stay together in an industry where many groups have crashed, Adx explained that maturity has kept them together for a long time. He said they have grown beyond women and money, which often times are the causes of music group breakup. According to him, “We’ve gone beyond money, women and things like that. It’s all about understanding and maturity.” Adx, who is married and blessed with two kids, just like his partner, pointed out that the new crop of artistes do not aspire to do classical songs. He said they only make singles that do not last for a long time. “The creativity and continuity. Creativity in the sense that many of these young artistes just want to be commercial, and sing a song that’ll make them popular. That’s why you’ll often see them dropping songs that are totally different. “It wasn’t like that in our days. When we dropped a song, it would go for a very long time and people will enjoy it before we release another one because we would give it the chance to be evergreen. But now, when artistes drop songs, they’re always eager to release another. They’re not even thinking about whether one day the song will become evergreen,” he said.
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